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This year, as busy Guiders tried to fit first the Royal Wedding, then the Queen's Jubilee and finally the Olympic celebrations into their programmes, there were, understandably, few calls on the archives. I have been able to use the extra time to work on the Ranger badges for the County badge collection.

Two events that did need the Archives stand out.

The first, a lovely celebration for Miss Evelyn Turner's 100th Birthday party in February brought a lot of her old Guides, Rangers and Guiders together. The company's old Log books and photo albums helped make an unforgettable afternoon, along with all the mementos her guests had brought along. Miss Turner also ran the Air Ranger flight, and the flight mascot 'Percy Vere' - (flight motto Persevere) - was able to make another 'visits' entry to his list of travels.

As part of the Queen's Jubilee celebrations, a very artistic Trefoil Guild member borrowed the 1930's Brownie and Guide uniforms for the Flower festival being held by her church. The flower festival celebrated each individual stage of the Queens life - as a baby, child, her time in the services, marriage etc. Our uniforms were used as part of the childhood scenario, showing Princess Margaret as a Brownie and the Queen as a Guide. The flower colours of this section were blue and gold.

Donations to the archives during the year included two 1930's Guide dresses, complete with badges, a selection of 1940's Ranger magazines and several handbooks and badge collections. A welcome addition was  an original "wooden toadstool" donated by a Brownie Guider, which will no doubt form the centre of many exhibitions during the coming years.

Carole Snook, County Archivist

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